Book Design “Quieting The Monkey Mind”

“Quieting The Monkey Mind: How To Meditate with Music.” Written by sound healing and New Age music pioneers Dudley and Dean Evenson of music label Soundings of the Planet. 160 pages color. Design, illustrations/photo-illustrations and layout by Bob Paltrow. Seated figure with chakras illustration on book cover by Elijah Evenson, from the Soundings of the Planet album Chakra Healing.

Drawing from over four decades of creating music for meditation and yoga, Quieting the Monkey Mind is filled with practical tips, exercises, photos, and illustrations to support you on an empowering journey of finding peace within. One can learn how to deepen and improve one’s meditation with sound tools and techniques using chanting, toning, mantra, affirmations, kirtan, singing bowls, and recorded music.

Quieting the Monkey Mind: How to Meditate with Music by respected music pioneers and purveyors of peace Dudley and Dean Evenson helps make meditation understandable, accessible and simple to do. Whether you have been meditating for years, or are just beginning on your path, you will benefit significantly from this beautiful guidebook designed for all ages and practices.

Drawing from over four decades of creating music for meditation and yoga, Quieting the Monkey Mind is filled with practical tips, exercises, photos, and illustrations to support readers on an empowering journey of finding peace within.

Quieting the Monkey Mind shares some basic principles of meditation along with a wide array of sound tools and practices that can be used to take one into deeper states of inner peace and meditative bliss. No matter where you are in your meditation practice, the Evensons believe readers will find useful tools and techniques that will allow you to access deeper levels of inner stillness leading to a more rewarding sense of self and personal empowerment.

Brochure and Rack Card designs; Museum of Northwest Art

Membership Brochure, Museum Rack Card and Museum Store Rack Card design for the Museum of Northwest Art (MoNA), La Conner, Washington. Printing by Capitol City Press, Olympia WA.

Photoshoot and Musician Promo – Storm Before The Flame

For Bellingham musician/artist Ruby’s solo release “Storm Before The Flame,” she envisioned, and we realized, a cover design that featured her face in black-and-white, with color just appearing for her lips, and her real-life multi-colored hair accents being featured. Ruby (aka Bailey Ann Martinet) is a singer-songwriter who performs blues, jazz, soul and retro-style music, with her own unique flair and color, both literally and figuratively.

We also did a poster design, and I created an additional suite of promotional images to be used in the feature, based on a photoshoot we did in front of the recording studio . . . where she and I had been all day recording our first album as Ruby Flambé. I play piano with Bailey (aka Ruby!) in that duo. We shot the photos at 5:30 PM; by 3:30 AM, we had photoshopped and designed the cd package and promotional poster—all in one sitting!

Grandis Pond 9" x 12" (folded) tri-fold brochure with a set of simplified maps that insert int the pocket, showing regional location, population densities, site specifics, and distances to nearby cities in Canada and the stae of Washington.

Property Developent/Real Estate: Promotional Folder-Brochure

Folder/Brochure designed as a sales/marketing piece for “Grandis Pond,” a 438-acre planned unit development located in Blaine, WA – owned and managed by Blossom Property Mgmt., Bellingham, WA. The folder is part of a multi-tiered campaign consisting of website; video by Think-a-tron of Bellingham; and these print components. The tri-fold folder (27″ x 12″ spread; 9″ x 12 folder) has a pocket to insert 8/5″ x 11″ sheets of extra data, information and maps that can be tailored for various presentations.

About Grandis Pond: The comprehensive and fully permitted master plan was designed over 10 years to create a dynamic mix of residential housing with up to 1,013 single and multi-family housing units and approximately 48,000 square feet of neighborhood commercial space.

Folder/Brochure designed by Bob Paltrow Design for Blossom Property Management of Bellingham, WA. Aerial photography by Tore Ofteness. Maps by Kulshan Cartographic Services; design by Bob Paltrow Design. Grandis Pond logo by Bob Paltrow Design, based on hand-rendered calligraphy on one of the original development masterplans.

Poster Design and Event Production

Poster and event production: “2016 Procession of Light: Solstice Celebration and Ceremony” was the inaugural Downtown Bellingham Solstice event I created and co-produced with a half-dozen collaborators on June 20th, 2016. The event featured a concert, healing arts practitioners, a half-mile procession of light to a nearby downtown beach , Glass Beach, and a sunset ceremony by the water.

Poster Design: 2016 Carry The Light Solstice Concert and Ceremony - Bob Paltrow Design

Poster Design: 2016 Carry The Light Solstice Concert and Ceremony


Procession of Light: Solstice Celebration & Ceremony
Monday, June 20th 2016 6:00 – 10:30 PM
All Ages • Suggested Donation $5
Café Bouzingo 1209 Cornwall Ave, Bellingham • (323) 380-8545
Facebook event page:
Facebook group page: “Carry The Light Bellingham”

Music by Devin Beu, Ruby Flambé, David Loudon and Dean Evenson.
Featured speakers to include Glacia Rain, Dudley Evenson and Chicken Phoenix.
Ceremony by Sara Thornton and Susan Powell.

At the inaugural Bellingham Procession of Light. we celebrate the Summer Solstice with a Concert at Café Bouzingo, followed by a Procession of Light from Café Bouzingo, south on Cornwall Avenue about 1/2 mile to Glass Beach on Bellingham Bay. There, we will mark the advent of Summer and Solstice, the longest day of the year, with a ceremony blessing our Native Waters. Themes of transition and transformation; community and gratitude; honoring our land and waters.


6 PM
at Café Bouzingo
MUSIC by: Ruby Flambé, Devin Beu, David Loudon
GUIDED MEDITATION by: Glacia Rain — “Higher Self Integration”
GUEST SPEAKER:  Dudley Evenson, Soundings of the Planet
POETRY by: Chicken Phoenix
NOTES: We will have some kids’ activities; healing arts practitioners; henna, body and face painting art for the procession; live painting, and some snacks will be available at the event.

9 PM
Walk from Café Bouzingo to Glass Beach.
Bring a candle, flashlight, head lamp, LED’s or glow-stick – and your inner light,  of course! And walk with us in procession to Glass Beach on the Solstice: longest day of the year and first day of summer.

South from Café Bouzingo
1209 Cornwall Ave,to “Glass Beach;”
End of Cornwall on Bellingham Bay
(about 1/2 mile)

SUNSET CEREMONY: “Healing Our Native Waters”
CEREMONY by Sara Thornton – “Blessing Our Native Waters” We gather in community to meditate and pray for the health of our sacred waters, especially our Native Waters.
MUSIC by Dean & Dudley Evenson, Soundings of the Planet

Close the evening with community, acoustic music at the beach, sharing inner and outer warmth, gratitude for this life, hope and vision for the future.

Hideaway Pizza Kids Menus 2016

3 different children’s menus designed for Hideaway Pizza out of Tulsa, Oklahoma: they have 20 restaurants in Oklahoma and Arkansas. In addition to the design and illustration, I put together the games as well. This is a 2-spot color, 2-sided printing on newsprint, 11×17 folds in half.

Hideaway Pizza Sweet 16 Promotion

This is a super fun promo I illustrated and co-developed with my longtime friend and marketing director for Hideaway PIzza in Tulsa OK, Janie Harris to be implemented for Hideaway on social media.

This promotion coincided with the 2016 NCAA basketball tournament – we will pit 2 pizzas a day against each other and have fans on Twitter and FaceBook vote on their favorites. Our timing is such – with one face-off a day – our Pizza Sweet 16 winner will coincide with the national NCAA championship winner.

We’re also doing t-shirts and coloring pages of the tournament bracket.

Hideaway Pizza Kids Menu Design

Starchild Entertainment Auto Decal-Wrap

Vehicle wrap created for Starchild Entertainment of Vancouver, B.C. Canada. Design, illustration and pre-production by Bob Paltrow. Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. Client – Starchild Entertainment.

Stone River Campground Signs

Stone River Music Festival is a 3-day event with camping that takes place in Chandler Oklahoma the 3rd Weekend of September. The various campground areas have distinctive names and I was asked to create signs reminiscent of national park signs, created as 2-color silkscreens on a white flashing. These are templates that were made into silkscreens with the final signs cut out of wood in these shapes. Client – 2014 Stone River Music Festival

Bob Paltrow giving the invocation at Brad and Bronwyn Martin's wedding ceremony

My first wedding . . . officiating that is.

On August 8th, 2014 I had the honor of being asked by two close friends of mine, Brad and Bronwyn Martin, to officiate their wedding. It was so much fun. The first thing I did was get on YouTube and watched all kinds of ceremonies, religious and non-religious. Not only to get a feel for what the officiant does, but the entirety of the ceremony.

I was asked to do a 10-15 minute ceremony; spiritual but non-denominational; with a theme of family and community. I never in my life envisioned doing such a thing, but when the phone rings: you answer! This is the invocation I wrote for their ceremony:

With the families and friends of Bronwyn and Brad’s gathered here today – we are reminded that marriage is not just a union of two people.

Marriage is a unification and blending of circles; a merging of families; rings of tribes coalescing as one – symbolized by the wedding rings and vows that will be exchanged here today.

As you all know, this love thing is very big – its boundless – it has the ability and capacity to grow continuously, every day in ways large and small. That is so powerful. If you love one another, and love the world, love will find a way. From you. And to you.

Love fills in the gaps and provides the glue when the stresses and realities of life want to pull us apart. Marriage is the ultimate balancing act. Accountability and Forgiveness. Be firm in love – but let go of attachments . Well, except to your mate, of course — the ultimate attachment!

Your actions and reactions are no longer yours alone – they affect your mate; your child; your family and by extension, your community. When all your actions matter, every moment matters. And everyone matters. Life is enriched by being aware and conscious. You find yourself in a state of gratitude, because even when times are hard, your have love. And love will get you through.

Growing your love is growing your consciousness. You develop empathy and want to be supportive. You give and receive. You are no longer singular as individuals – you are singular in unison. You become more aware of the other one’s needs – more conscious. To be there when your lover needs you. To have patience and forethought. To practice honesty and acceptance. To see each other through life’s challenges and changes, and to share and celebrate the gifts and rewards of Love. Marriage. Family. Shared dreams. Creating a home. Nurturing. Support. Co-creation.

Marriage is not just about what “I” want. Realize, that your partner, your mate – has given themselves unto to you fully – all of their trust and faith and sense of security. Unconditional Love. Your mate has just voted you most awesome person in his and her life. Your mate is offering you — and only you — the most they have to offer. This is – most awesome.

Marriage is a serious contract. We all know it takes more than just love to sustain a relationship. It takes Cooperation. Patience. Accountability and Perseverence to ride out all the obstacles that life throws at us: Every opportunity brings its challenges. Every challenge brings opportunities. To grow in love. To test love. To strengthen love. And today, we strengthen those bonds by uniting the rings, to bind man and woman together as husband and wife.