Photoshoot and Musician Promo – Storm Before The Flame

For Bellingham musician/artist Ruby’s solo release “Storm Before The Flame,” she envisioned, and we realized, a cover design that featured her face in black-and-white, with color just appearing for her lips, and her real-life multi-colored hair accents being featured. Ruby (aka Bailey Ann Martinet) is a singer-songwriter who performs blues, jazz, soul and retro-style music, with her own unique flair and color, both literally and figuratively.

We also did a poster design, and I created an additional suite of promotional images to be used in the feature, based on a photoshoot we did in front of the recording studio . . . where she and I had been all day recording our first album as Ruby Flambé. I play piano with Bailey (aka Ruby!) in that duo. We shot the photos at 5:30 PM; by 3:30 AM, we had photoshopped and designed the cd package and promotional poster—all in one sitting!