Thrive Sustainability Conference Banner

The Thrive Sustainability Conference took place in 2012 at Presence Studio in downtown Bellingham. It was a 2-day event of workshops, speakers, and art/creative events focusing on defining and expressing environmental concerns through the arts. This banner/illustration was I think over 50 feet wide, and maybe 4 – 4.5 feet tall. Created in Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. Client: The Sound Essence Project, Bellingham WA




Susan Bradbury Banner Thrive Resilience

Stone River Music Festival Campground Signs

Stone River Music Festival is a 3-day event with camping that takes place in Chandler Oklahoma the 3rd Weekend of September. The various campground areas have distinctive names and I was asked to create signs reminiscent of national park signs, created as 2-color silkscreens on a white flashing. These are templates that were made into silkscreens with the final signs cut out of wood in these shapes. Sketched on paper, scanned, final art produced in Adobe Illustrator. Client – 2014 Stone River Music Festival

Mountain Loop Scenic Byway Sign

I illustrated and designed this sign for the National Forest Service for the Mountain Loop Highway which loops around Darrington, WA. The signage re-design is part of a bigger plan to recast the depressed area of Darrington as a place and source of local pride. Darrington was also the site of the massive mudslide that took so many lives this past year. I have not been out to Darrington to see the signs, but I believe they are up, or will be up this spring, 2015. Sketched on paper, scanned, developed in photoshop, final art in Adobe Illustrator. Client: National Forest Service.
Design 4-3 LOWER SUN

Upfront Theatre

I worked with Ryan Stiles and a committee to develop the logo, signage and awnings for the Upfront Theatre, located in Bellingham WA. Created in Adobe Illustrator. Client: Upfront Theatre.


Hideaway Pizza Billboards

Hideaway Pizza is one of my main and best clients, a growing pizza chain of 18 restaurants based in Tulsa, Oklahoma. I do all kinds of signage for them. We have a pretty strict branding that we try to stick to. A couple of samples. Created in Adobe Illustrator. Client: Hideaway Pizza, Tulsa OK.

Neon Sign Comps – Hideaway Pizza Takeout

These are neon-sign ideas that are currently in development (February 2015) for a newly opened Hideway Pizza in Owasso, Oklahoma. These are the designs the client is considering. Created in Adobe Photoshop. Client: Hideaway Pizza, Tulsa OK.

Starchild Entertainment Vehicle Wrap

Fanny Starchild is a clown, mime, musician and children’s entertainer based near Vancouver, B.C. Canada. Created in Adobe Photoshop. Client: Starchild Entertainment, Vancouver, B.C. Canada.

Sandalwood Salon Vehicle Wrap

Sandalwood Salon is an AVEDA Salon in downtown Bellingham, owned by Toby-Lyn and Phil Heaven. The Heavens, and AVEDA, share a commitment to being as environmentally conscious as possible in personal life and business practice. The Heavens purchased this electric Zebra cars – one of the first electric-powered cars to be domestically mass-produced. This is a 3-wheeled vehicle: cool and cute! Logo design and vehicle wrap. Created in Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. Client: Sandalwood Salon and Spa


No Coal Trains Yard Sign

Yup, not the snazziest or most creative signage, but probably one of my best known signs. I developed this yard  design with local folk artist musician/humorist Dana Lyons to protest the health hazards and environmental threats posed by the movement of huge amounts of uncovered coal being transported through Bellingham and Whatcom county. These signs are available through this website: